Deepak Bisaria

Group Research Project - July 09 Session

 Parameters and Introduction

Objective : To empirically test the hypothesis that the  listed parameters in a horoscope impact on children and education  and to recommend the weightage that should be given  to each parameter with special emphasis on the role of Saptamsha and Chaturthvimshamsha   .


1) 5th House and 5th Lord  from the Lagna, Moon and Jupiter as the primary source of influence.

2) Condition of Jupiter as the Significator  both for children and knowledge, in natal and divisional charts.

3) The condition of the planet that is Putrakaraka and the fifth house  from it, both for children and education.

      4) Analysis of Saptamsha for children and Chaturthvimshamsha for education.

5) 9th House and 9th Lord both from the Lagna and the Moon.

6) 7th House and 7th Lord both from Lagna and the Moon.

7) Atleast two dashas between the ages of 15and 25 for education and between 25and 35 for children - Vimshottari and Char dasha.

8) Role of transits.

9) Role of Gulika.

10) Role of Mercury in educaion.

11)  Birth time rectification by applying Navamsha dasha and also verification of events with Char dasha and Vimshottari dasha. For birth time  rectification we should also apply the rule given in the book "The correct value of Ayanamsa An investigation by Swami  Sadasiva Giri". As per Swami Sadasiva Giri the pratyantar dasha lord at the time of birth is linked to the Lagna or the Lagna lord.

Apart from these parameters, we propose to analyse related variables and supplementary factors like the role of the Moon in education, applicability of conditional dashas, role of Beej Sphuta and Ksetra Sphuta, etc. These factors could also be analysed by individual researchers to develop full fledged theses at the individual level, in addition to the group project. 

Overview Our biological instincts combine with societal beliefs on the continuity of human existence. The urge to procreate is at once a human weakness and a profound human strength. Even an atheist might pray when he is unable to parent a child. A child promises bliss before its arrival into the parents' fold and becomes the most precious possession soon after he is born. Man confronts balarishta  to save and protect  his child. In the modern context, the balarishta threat could come from disease, infection or abnormalities affecting the child. Earlier, when medical science was not as advanced, seven out of ten children tended not to survive and therefore balarishta remained critical to astrological analysis of children. Today, as a child grows, the concerns continue even though with modern medicine,  they may be less directed to the survival of the child. Education of the child has today become a critical concern of parents and astrological counseling is increasingly sought for relatively minor matters like the specialization streams to be opted for  in schools and colleges. Parents are also concerned about the behavior of children and their attitude towards elders. The aspirations of a parent for the child tend to be limitless. The problem of hyperactive children with small attention spans becoming indecisive due to peer pressure in choosing specialized streams, are increasingly common, often compelling parents to seek  psychiatric help. Some even have to face the gravest misery of  all loss of a child. Clearly, any parent can accept immense suffering to self but the pain multiplies if it is the child who suffers.

Methodology Astrologically speaking, it would not be right on the basis of the prime parameters, the 5th House and fifth  Lord from Lagna, Moon and  Jupiter,  to rush conclusions to declare a horoscope all good or all bad for both children and education. What is it that differentiates a good education but suffering on account of children from a bad education but bliss from children needs to be established statistically and scientifically. We need to explore and test the parameters which can best answer this question. The strength of each parameter under test is to be calibrated to determine its contribution in determining the fate of education and children. Event based cases, involving childlessness, balarishta, behavioral problems, mishap and death, will be taken up.Ten verified horoscopes, with listed events like level of education dashas during Marriage, Children and important events related to Education, Marriage and Children with birth time rectification would be discussed and analysed  in the class by the guide to demonstrate the method of recording of the data under different parameter heads. Each researcher would be required to collect a minimum of 4 horoscopes and analyse to record  the data as demonstrated. They will present the case studies in the class. A minimum of 200 horoscopes sample would be worked on, the total data would then be tabulated and conclusions drawn. We propose to put the goals, targets and weekly development on the site which can be accessed by all researchers through a password. They should mail their ideas and suggestions on Display of horoscopes with D1, D-9, D-7, D24 charts on a laptop screen is being arranged in the class room to save time. It is suggested along with digital records the researchers should paste the horoscope discussed in a register with events, findings and observations for better concentration and analysis. Someone should volunteer to translate all in Hindi.

Existing Research and Classics Bank. Combinations related to 5th House, Children and Education can be stored in the website that  will be accessed by all researchers. Presently the website carries some yogas . We have to keep on adding material.

Time frame : 3 months.   Mid July  2009 to Mid October 2009.

Publication :The findings would be published initially and if found worthy can be brought out as a book.

Deepak Bisaria